Errata and Anomalies

This page lists known problems associated with the text in the Gnomeville comic stories.

Episode 1

No errata as such, but a note that a native speaker is unlikely to say “Le total?” to find out how much they need to pay. This was known when I wrote this, but I thought it would be ok in the context.

Episode 2

Page 6: people are more likely to say “les créatures de Fantasia” than “les créatures de la Fantasia”. For “le mage de la Fantasia” it is less clear, since people will say “le président de la France”, since it is a post at a particular time, and there are various other subtleties associated with this rule. No wonder most of my francophone readers didn’t comment on this.

Page 12: “On voyage à la Place des Roses” is problematic depending on how you interpret the sentence. Place des Roses is a remote place in Fantasia, rather than just a square in a town, so it can be said. “voyage” is also potentially problematic, but I have seen many examples of saying “voyage en bus de Paris à la Haye” or similar. Nevertheless, note that a native speaker has said that this sentence is not good French.

On the same page: “dans la direction de la Jungle des Pythons” should be “en direction de la Jungle des Pythons”.